Images from BeWater Kick Off Meeting

The 1st “Transnational meeting”, took place on February, 3rd in Madrid. 

for No. PROJECT: 2019-1-ES01-KA201-065724 

At the meeting was 

  1. Pascal Ramos, Project Manager. (Spain)
  2. Estefania Berzal,speech therapist (Madrid)
  3. MagdaLemos, occupational therapist and contact person (Portugal)
  4. FilipaTeixeira, Physiotherapist (Portugal) 
  5. Janet Rabbett, Physiotherapist (Ireland)
  6. Aoife Sweeney, occupational therapist (Ireland)
  7. Ana Navarro,projectcoordinator. (Spain) 

Guests who also attended included  

  1. MelaniaGarcíaresponsible for new teconology FISJ (Spain) 
  2. Rocio Blanco, physiotherapistFISJ(Spain) 
  3. Tamara,water assistantFISJ(Spain) 
  4. William Fields,waterassistant FISJ (Spain) 
  5. Marina,water assistantFISJ (Spain) 
  6. Maria Cabello,pedagogueFISJ (Spain) 
  7. PilarAlegre, responsible for solidarity area (Spain) 
  8. Natalia Paz, economic director FISJ (Spain)
  9. Ricardo Sanchis, manager FISJ (Spain)
  10. Brother RafaelMartínez. Superior of the Community(Spain) 

 During the meeting we discussed 

  1. Presentation of equipment
  2. Review of schedule
  3. Review of intellectual products
  4. Visit the UTA
  5. Team photo
  6. Economic Plan
  7. Communication Plan

Order of the day content: 


  1. We present 3 teams partner countries of the BEWATER, Spain, Ireland and Portugal project.

2. Reviews the schedule and indicative dates are set for “trainings” and “transnational meetings” which are as follows: 

– 1st training Madrid: 25, 26 and 27 March 2020. 

– 2nd training Madeira: 2nd half of September 2020 (3 days) 

– 2nd transnational meeting Madeira: November 2020. 

– 3rd training Dublin in March 2021. (3 days) 

– 3rd transnational meeting Dublin in October 2021. 

each country is pending talking with their leaders and teams to close dates. 

Special emphasis is obliged to make travel insurance for each member of the team and the need to keep all tickets to justify the expenses. 

3.- Melania García joined the meeting as head of new technologies FISJ. We review the different IO of the project, the allocation to each country and development work and delivering them, clarifying doubts that may arise among those present. It is said that Sarah Boland, responsible for communication of Ireland, is the person making the website, but the mastery of it belongs to the FISJ to give continuity to the project once it is finished and EU orders.  

  1. We made a group visit to the facilities of the UTA for our partners to see how our professionals work in the aquatic environment and the material which we have to carry out the activity.
  1. After visiting team photo BEWATER together is done with the manager of the FISJ. Lunch break.
  2. resumes session work at 15 hours with the presence ofPilarAlegre team, responsible for the area of ​​solidarity and economic Natalia Paz as Director of the FISJ to discuss the economic plan of the project. It explains how the payments will be distributed to members, remaining in that made a first payment of 40% after the signing of the internal agreement, a second payment of 40% after complete delivery of the IO and final 20% after completion of the project and approval of national and European agency. 

It also applies to the meal being taken by the organizing centre spending meals are included in the working day.  

Our partners are satisfied and say that talk to their bosses to answer to the proposal. 

  1. documentation is delivered with proposals on the communication plan of the project BEWATER and development of the same (Annex 1). the monthly distribution of 1 photo and 1 video from each school majoring in RRSS of the other partners on the day-to-day activities of the project in each centre BEWATER remembers.