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Multidisciplinary Team 


Transdisciplinary project based on
the construction of experiences in the water
through an educational and inclusive approach
aimed at students with intellectual disabilities.

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Meet the Team

Susana Álvarez

 My name is Susana Álvarez, I am an occupational therapist from the National School of Health and a graduate of the C.S.E.U La Salle. I have also completed several courses in aquatic therapy for children and adults in Halliwick and Watsu techniques that I combine with occupational therapy. 

 Since 1991 I have been working at Fundación Instituto San José in the area of intellectual disability and with children in the water since 2017. 

Sara Rodríguez

My name is Sara Rodríguez, I am a speech therapist from the Complutense University of Madrid. I am specialized at Orofacial Motricity at Alfonso X el Sabio University (UAX), and Early Intervention and Special Educational Needs by Valencian International University (VIU).

I have been working at Fundación Instituto San José since 2020 in Early Intervention and Poseidon program.

My professional experience is based on speech and communication diseases treatments and orofacial functions treatments in children population with a disability or developmental disorders.


Rocío Blanco

My name is, a physiotherapist from the University of Salamanca. I have a master´s degree in paediatric physiotherapy from CEU San Pablo University in Madrid and different courses in aquatic therapy for both children and adult patients. The techniques I use in the aquatic environment are Halliwick, Watsu, Ai-Chi and Cranio-sacral therapy. 

Jezabel Salom Galicia

Water therapy assistant. I have been working at the Fundación Instituto San José for 2 years, although I have worked as a teacher at the special needs education. My working life is linked to education

Guillermo Coppini

Water therapy assistant since 2018. I´m very happy to be part of health, which allows a close relationship with people connecting with them on a human and spiritual level.

María Langarita Barba

It is my second year as a Water therapy assistant at the Foundation. In addition, I am a psychologist and leisure instructor. My working life has always been directed to the socio-educational world and work with children and adolescents.

Isabel Tomé

My name is Isabel Tomé, I am an elementary school teacher and specialized in Special Education in the cognitive and motor domain.
I have been working as a teacher at the Centro de Reabilitação Psicopedagógica da Sagrada Família since 2013, where I am to promote inclusive education through acceptance, understanding, taking into account the differences and diversity of students, including cognitive, academic, social and emotional aspects.

Filipa Teixeira

My name is Filipa Teixeira, I have a degree in physiotherapy and have been working in neurology and mental health for 14 years, with children, young people and adults. I have 12 years of experience in hydrotherapy, either in classes or individualized treatment in the neuro-musculoskeletal areas. The techniques I use in water are Halliwick, Watsu, Bad Ragaz and conventional adapted physiotherapy techniques.

Magda Lemos

My name is Magda Lemos, I have a degree in Occupational Therapy and a International Master in Social Gerontology.

Since 2006 I have been working at Centro de Reabilitação Psicopedagógica da Sagrada Família in the area neurology, psychiatric and mental health.

My professional experience in aquatic therapy has been linked to the treatment of patients intellectual disability, autism, cerebral palsy, TDAH, and traumatic brain injury.

I have also completed several courses in aquatic therapy for children and adults in Halliwick and Bad Ragaz techniques that I combine with occupational therapy.

Fábio Gouveia

My name is Fábio Gouveia, I am an Occupation Assistant and water assistant at Centro de Reabilitação Psicopedagógica da Sagrada Família since 2016.

I am a Plastic Artist, with a Master degree Teaching of Visual Arts in the 3rd Cycle and Secondary in the area of ​​Plastic Arts (UMA).

I mainly enjoy working with special educational needs, to stimulate creativity especially in the cognitive and motor domain.

Christina Cannon

My name is Christina Cannon and I am a senior speech and language therapist in St John of God Community Services, Liffey Services in Dublin. I graduated in 2011 from Trinity College Dublin with an honours degree in Clinical Speech and Language Studies. Since then I have worked in a number of disability organisations in both Singapore and Ireland, with children and adults who have physical, intellectual and multiple disabilities.

Janet Rabbett

My name is Janet. I am working as a physiotherapist in Saint John of God Liffey Services, Dublin which provides services for children and adults with intellectual disabilities. As well as my physiotherapy degree I have a masters in Children and Youth Studies and have completed several aquatic physiotherapy courses. I am delighted to be taking part in the BeWater project.

BeWater News

LIPOID Foundation

LIPOID Foundation

The BEWATER project began to be a reality at the end of 2019, the year in which we decided to share and develop this project that was devised at the Colegio de Educación Especial de la Fundación Instituto San José, with the aim of developing a transdisciplinary methodology with educational activities in the aquatic environment, improving the...

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Logo Competition

BeWater Logo Competition Following the first team meeting in Madrid, it was agreed by all partners to hold a competition with prizes for the students who took part to create a logo and slogan for the BeWater project. The aim was to involve the students and educators early in the project and keep them updated as we move through the project. We...

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The Irish Teams BeWater Journey So Far We were delighted to be invited to take part in this innovative Erasmus project which was started by our colleagues in Madrid as we shared their passion about the benefits aquatic therapy. Although, we have to admit that the idea...

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