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Transdisciplinary project based on
the construction of experiences in the water
through an educational and inclusive approach
aimed at students with intellectual disabilities.

The BEWATER program is aimed at children and adolescents with intellectual disabilities. It is based on aquatic interventions not only in the health field but also in other areas such as recreational, educational, sporting and emotional, among others, depending on the interests of the individual. 

Aquatic intervention is beneficial as it allows the individual with disabilities to interact and participate in their own activities providing them with the same opportunities and rights as their peers along, with opportunities for learning. 

To include aquatic activity in the curriculum for students allows us to complement their other educational and therapeutic interventions for achieving the specific objectives throughout the school year. 

The contribution of different professional offers a more real and more holistic perspective and is more inclusive, thus transdisciplinary work has become a mandatory requirement for intervention in the BEWATER methodology. 

Guia Metodologica
Guia De Familias


Logo Competition

BeWater Logo Competition Following the first team meeting in Madrid, it was agreed by all partners to hold a competition with prizes for the students who took part to create a logo and slogan for the BeWater project. The aim was to involve the students and educators...

LIPOID Foundation

LIPOID Foundation

The BEWATER project began to be a reality at the end of 2019, the year in which we decided to share and develop this project that was devised at the Colegio de Educación Especial de la Fundación Instituto San José, with the aim of developing a transdisciplinary...

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We had our first international meeting in Madrid in February 2020 which was really useful to plan the project and get to know the team. Unfortunately, then the COVID 19 pandemic hit Europe and resulted in travel restrictions so we had to cancel the remaining of our...

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Meet the Team

Christina Cannon

My name is Christina Cannon and I am a senior speech and language therapist in St John of God Community Services, Liffey Services in Dublin. I graduated in 2011 from Trinity College Dublin with an honours degree in Clinical Speech and Language Studies. Since then I have worked in a number of disability organisations in both Singapore and Ireland, with children and adults who have physical, intellectual and multiple disabilities.

Janet Rabbett

My name is Janet. I am working as a physiotherapist in Saint John of God Liffey Services, Dublin which provides services for children and adults with intellectual disabilities. As well as my physiotherapy degree I have a masters in Children and Youth Studies and have completed several aquatic physiotherapy courses. I am delighted to be taking part in the BeWater project.