The BEWATER project began to be a reality at the end of 2019, the year in which we decided to share and develop this project that was devised at the Colegio de Educación Especial de la Fundación Instituto San José, with the aim of developing a transdisciplinary methodology with educational activities in the aquatic environment, improving the learning process of students with intellectual disabilities, as well as improving their autonomy and quality of life with an alternative, motivating and innovative method.

This project, based on a pioneering methodology that combines the benefits of water, therapeutic treatment and learning, has had the unconditional and constant support of the LIPOID Foundation from the beginning.

Thanks to them, more than 50 children from the College of Special Education can benefit from the therapies offered by a team of 8 professionals made up of speech therapists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, teachers specialized in therapeutic pedagogy and technical educational assistants specialized in aquatic activity.

The collaboration of the LIPOID Foundation throughout these years has made it possible to develop the project and thus facilitate its presentation to the Erasmus + Calls, as a program for the EU supporting and disseminating the project in Europe; Shaping with other partners from Ireland and Portugal a series of documents and products that serve as support for other professionals in the field of disability.

What is the LIPOID Foundation?

Since its creation in July 2011 in Germany, the Lipoid Foundation began its journey in the field of public welfare globally. Its main objectives are to provide assistance to disadvantaged children with disabilities, to support non-profit organizations and charitable institutions that help people with diseases, and to improve scientific research and research companies.